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Roaming Profile - deleted files are coming back

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  • Roaming Profile - deleted files are coming back

    1. roaming profile path \\server1\share\%username%
    2. permissions set exactly like in "Security Recommendations for Roaming User Profiles Shared Folders".
    3. Offline Folder Settings on the share are set to "Files and Programs from the share will not be available offline" to avoid synchronization conflicts.
    4. The "My documents" folder is redirected to Network through GPO to \\server2\share\%username%
    5. There are no configurations made in GPO affecting the profile.

    Assuming I have a folder and/or files on my desktop, I would like to delete. After deleting the files/folders I log off. Next morning I log on and the files stay deleted. Now I restart my PC. After logging on again, the deleted files/folders will reappear on my desktop. This happens on all folders on roaming profile, like Quick Launch, Favorites, etc.We have users with tons of files on their desktops, which they are not able to delete.

    Work process:
    1. I checked DNS and DHCP settings. They seem to look fine.
    2. I checked the userenv.log but could not see something that would point straight to the problem but I see the lines where the files are added back to desktop folder.
    3. I saw, that after only logging off, the roaming copy on the network is not updated at all, but I don't know why.
    4. I checked the Event logs of both, server and client - nothing