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Robocopy files to new server on regular basis

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  • Robocopy files to new server on regular basis

    I need to copy files from an ailing Novell server to a new Win2K3 server on a daily basis until we are finally ready to pull the plug on the Novell server. The twist is that the data on the Novell server is changing daily and folders on the Novell server are not only being copied to the Win server, but into new locations. Here's my batch file which merges the data on four Novell folders into two on the Win server:
    robocopy "S:\Everyone\Amanda Migration" "D:\Perth_DFS\Retail\Guardian" /E /ZB /R:2 /W:4 /TEE /LOG:"D:\Backup.netware\1.txt"
    robocopy "S:\Everyone\Amanda2" "D:\Perth_DFS\Retail\Guardian" /E /ZB /MIR /R:2 /W:4 /TEE /LOG:"D:\Backup.netware\2.txt"
    robocopy "S:\Everyone\Blanks" "D:\Perth_DFS\Customer Service" /E /ZB /MIR /R:2 /W:4 /TEE /LOG:"D:\Backup.netware\3.txt"
    robocopy "S:\Everyone\Brenda" "D:\Perth_DFS\Customer Service" /E /ZB /MIR /R:2 /W:4 /TEE /LOG:"D:\Backup.netware\4.txt"
    When the second line runs, the "/MIR" option causes a purge of all files in the "D:\Perth_DFS\Retail\Guardian" folder which were copied over on the first line. Same with the 4th line, it also purges all files in the "D:\Perth_DFS\Customer Service" folder which were copied over on the 3rd line.

    If I remove the "/MIR" option, and files are deleted on the Novell server, they will not be deleted on the Win server.

    The only thing I can think of is to Robocopy all the data from the Novell server, even the stuff I don't need, and there's LOTS of that, onto a staging area on the Win server, using the "/MIR" option. Then run a secondary script to copy the data from the Staging area to the DFS.

    What do you think?
    +-- JDMils
    +-- Regional Systems Engineer, DotNet programmer & Jack of all trades