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DHCP (2 or more domains 1 subnet)

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  • DHCP (2 or more domains 1 subnet)


    I have 2 domains sitting on 1 subnet. I want a dhcp server regardless of which domain it sits in to give the correct dhcp information (DNS, domain, etc) to the correct requesting machine.

    I have started looking at DHCP User Classes but am stumped with what entries to make after pressing add?

    Any ideas

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: DHCP (2 or more domains 1 subnet)

    Adding a class is simply a case of giving it a name. The clever part comes when you set the Scope Options.

    For instance, we have laptops and workstations from several domains on a site; and obviously the laptops move around. We wanted class "distlap" to get the local "dist" domain controller as its DNS server and some other dist domain controller as its second DNS server. However we wanted the "corp" laptop to get the local dist DC as its DNS server first and a remote corp DC as its second. We did this using scope options and DHCP classes.

    Enter the scope and right-click on it. Select "Configure Options". At the top, it should currently say "Default User Class". Instead, select one of your newly created classes. Below, select and tick the option you wish to configure (e.g. 006 DNS Servers). Below you will be able to enter the correct DNS servers for this class. Click "Apply" and select any other options you wish to configure. Once you've done and applied all the relevant options for that class, select a new class and do it all again.

    This will need to be done for every class you create in every scope you have - if a classed laptop plugs into a subnet which doesn't have anything set for it, or if a "classless" laptop plugs into a properly configured subnet, it will get the default "Server Options", or in the latter case the options set for the "Default User Class".

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      Re: DHCP (2 or more domains 1 subnet)

      Thanks for that info

      However I have come across another problem. The previous network admin has used a scope with the network of Range 60-110.

      When trying to add the range 140-150 in a new scope it will not let me "The address range and mask conflict with an existing scope"

      Is there anyway around this?


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        Re: DHCP (2 or more domains 1 subnet)

        Sorry I was being stupid to say the least. I was unaware you can set multiple classes under 1 scope.