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Increase virtual memory on 2003

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  • Increase virtual memory on 2003

    Our server is 2003 enterprise with 4 GB of physical memory.
    Here's our current virtual memory settings:
    virtual memory:
    initial size: 2046
    maximum size: 4092

    Total paging file size for all drives
    minimum allowed: 16 MB
    recommended: 6035 MB
    Currently allocated: 2046 MB

    If I change the values to:
    initial size: 4092
    maximum sizse: 4092

    will it increase the virtual memory allocation to 4092?
    Or does it automatically increase it to 4092 when it needs to without the change since although the initial size is set to 2046, the maximum is set to 4092?


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    Re: Increase virtual memory on 2003

    By changing the values as you wrote, you will set the pagefile size to a fix size: 4092.

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