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Everything's fine till DHCP

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  • Everything's fine till DHCP

    I had the server working fine and had multiple users logging in when I decided it would now be OK to set the server up for DHCP. As soon as I set up the DHCP it blocked everyone out. I set up the IP range from to with exclusions for the server itself ( & 150) and the gateway ( When I try to login now I get a message that says, "ECDLP is not accessible. No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept."
    I'm not sure if I set it up wrong or if it a conflict with the other server.
    I have altered the scope on both machines to make sure they don't conflict but they do use the same gateway. For example, the scope on 2000 server is set for to and the scope on 2003 is set for to I still can't access the server.

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    Ok, I'm answering my own posts but I wanted to post up just in case another new guy out there searches for something similar.

    In this situation I first went to Active Directory Domains And Trusts and created a trust (both ways) with the existing 2000 server. Yeah, I should have done this already but I've installed and uninstalled and missed it. Like I've said, I'm new at this. Next I took the advice of wkasdo and did a couple of things. The 2003 server has 2 NIC cards in it and they were set up on and 150. I changed one of them ( I believe) and even disabled it because he said that having them both on the same range could cause problems. I also finally understood about changing the DNS settings so it pointed to the server IP first and then the outside DNS servers 2nd. He said this days ago but I kept thinking it was a setting in the DNS setup which I couldn't find. I finally just changed it to the TCP/IP settings for the NIC itself in My Network Connections. Once I tried all of this everything seemed (still praying) good as gold. I can now see the shared files for both servers at the same time. Now comes the fun stuff in getting everything to act like I want it to act.

    Big THANKS to wkasdo and others who took the time to lend a hand to a newbie. Hopefully I'll be helping others before you know it.


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      Glad you worked it out! I know how confusing this stuff can be to unix people, I came from there myself.