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  • Workstation on internat!

    I have a little problem,
    I have server2003 R2, Server is DHCP, DNS, Active directory...

    My idea is to conect with "miro" notebook on the internet , so that i can monitor on server2003 what is hapening on the internet, to control viruses and firewall over the server2003, so that in the future i can connect other notebook on the server and to share printer and stuff...

    But now i have problem....i connect on server 2003 on ADSL ( Broadband ) and it is working...i can check e-mail and other.....BUT...... when i trying to connect on "miro" notebook i just can't go to internet, nothing happnes. I Shear internet connection on server2003 but still same problem...

    Can you please help me about it , How to make MIRO to connect on the internet?

    Here is a picture so i hope you will understand what is my problem....

    I'm sorry on my bad english, if you dont understand something, i will try to explane more...

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    Re: Workstation on internat!

    I always put a dedicated router between my ISP and my network. Benefit over using W2K3 as that router is total cost of ownership AND the inability to attack a weak link (Microsoft) exposed to the Internet.

    In your case, I think you need to check out "Routing and Remote Access" in Google.

    An older document on the topic:


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