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NTLM authentication on domain controller

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  • NTLM authentication on domain controller

    Hi folks !

    One strange problem is causing my headache. I'm using ESET administration server on domain controller. Here I store the mirror update directory too with option to provide http server using NTLM authentication. Local connections into directory by using UNC path format \\servername\Mirror works prefectly from each local client ! But if I would like to use http update server with path format http://servername:rashttpport connection still fails on error: The file is not located on the server. (Note: all logon credencials are correctly typed, I'm using both expressions domain's user with login name: [email protected] and password or domainname\username and password)
    I have read something about problem using IIS http server and it's NTLM authentication on domain server, which does not work and it is not recommended installing IIS on domain controller, but I would like to ask you If someone was solving this error in the past ?
    I have also simulated this issue on other domain-member server by using IIS with http folder providing nod mirror updates via http protocol with no problem.