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AD2000 to 2003 and oh so much more

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  • AD2000 to 2003 and oh so much more

    We are planning an upgrade from AD2000 to 2003. We have 2 servers now and will be using 2 Win2K3 servers to upgrade to. We have about 5K users. Is the AD Migration Tool V2 fairly straight-forward? What are some obvious issues to overcome?

    We're also moving from Exchange 2K to a clustered 2003 environment. Anyone have any wild sea-stories to tell on this sort of upgrade? Is there a defined process to follow? [I'm sure there is]

    Not to sound too much like a newb, but when you are you are. Why deny it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    some pointers:

    Don't migrate to w2003, do the in-place upgrade instead. Use a swingserver if you need to. That way you preserve all settings: no user impact

    I'll leave the definitive Exchange advice to Daniel, but I would first upgrade the server to w2003, then upgrade Exchange (in-place) to EX2003, and then configure clustering.