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Win 2k3 logon takes 2+minutes :-(

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  • Win 2k3 logon takes 2+minutes :-(

    Logon to Win2k3 server is taking more than 2 minutes to authenticate /logon.
    Authentication is fine - no errors - no log reports/warnings etc. Just a 2+ minute logon time.

    This is logging on to the actual server either physically in the rack or remotely (Not a client accessing a domain). This is the only one that takes 2 mins + just to get past the logon screen after hitting enter after entering user & password.........

    We have already Started logon loging - but so far nothing adverse.
    We have also Started logon loging thru the Citrix - but also so far nothing adverse.
    We have already Changed RegKey from CtxHide.exe UsrLogon.Cmd,cmstart.exe to UsrLogon.Cmd,cmstart.exe - no difference.

    Applied hotfix: KB899409 - no difference.

    It's not an AD issue, it is located for all servers in the farm seperately (due to sizes and security) and it isn't a Citrix issue either according to the logging we are doing.

    I think we can also eliminate a hardware issue as once it is up and running everything "does at it says on the tin" no errors, no alerts - nothing except this log on problem.

    This is a 600+ server farm spread over 2 data centres(for high availability & redundancy).
    Multiple configs & O/S's are used (VmWare, win 2K, 2K3, RHES, etc) but none of these has log on issues - only this one 2k3 box

    All other servers are authenticating & logging on no problem. All the 2k3 servers are built using the same image, same sif files(except name obviously) etc and are all on the same hardware and this is the only one that is doing this, the rest are fine.

    Has anyone any ideas or seen this before as it is driving us "NUTS" ?
    - please...................pretty please

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    Re: Win 2k3 logon takes 2+minutes

    Stab in the dark, have you checked the size of the local Administrator profile size, and/or deleting/renaming it so a fresh one is created?

    I know sometimes I have seen profile sizes reach ridiculous sizes because of unclean software installations and such (generally leaving behind lots of big uncompressed files)

    Did this happen suddenly or progressively?

    What is the server used for?

    Has the server been Virus scanned?

    What is installed on it? Any programs or services set to start up on logon and being problematic maybe.

    New software gone on recently (or whenever this started happening)?

    Tried logging into the server as local admin (i.e not on the domain)?




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      Re: Win 2k3 logon takes 2+minutes

      Hey Hongman - thanks for the quick reply............

      Haven't looked at the admin profile size yet- but will do later - thx

      For your other points:

      It has happened since day one.
      The installation was the same as the other citrix servers we have
      It's a citrix server
      Yes scanned daily and updated daily (Symantec)
      at start up Some GPO's are applied and special login scripts for Citrix but thats all.
      Tried log in with domain & local admin as well as domain and local accounts.
      Even disconnected from the Lan it is the same - 2miutes to log on

      Driving us crazy I tell you


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        Re: Win 2k3 logon takes 2+minutes

        If other users and local accounts are also taking ages then it probably isnt the account profile.

        Have you checked the DNS Settings? DNS can make a huge difference to login times.

        Strange that it should be this 1 machine only if it is identical to all other servers...I was betting on a rogue application or service not firing up properly.

        Have you compared the msconfig startup's with a known good server?

        If it is a image rollout, a last resort could be to re-image it I guess.


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          Re: Win 2k3 logon takes 2+minutes

          Generally long logon times can be attributed to incorrect DNS settings somewhere.

          Check the servers DNS server is contactable at logon time.

          Can you post an ipconfig /all from the NIC on the server??


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            Re: Win 2k3 logon takes 2+minutes

            I was told that DNS had been "checked & double checked" but hey - hoh you never know I guess. Nothing wrong in looking again I suppose.

            I just tried remotely from home here and all the DNS servers are up and running but now I cant access this "mad-box" so either someone has trashed it in frustration, powered it off, unplugged it's network connections or there is something up somewhere.

            Tomorrow I'll give it's DNS a look-see in the morning and let you know the score.

            I'm just thankful it ain't in production yet

            Oh and hey...................... thanks guys !


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              so nice.....