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Creating a new domain with same name as old one!

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  • Creating a new domain with same name as old one!


    I am looking for suggestion, pointers and/or best practices to do this, I'm not totally sure I have it right.

    So, there will be companyA and companyB (both .com's as their AD domain for argument's sake).

    companyA and companyB will be merging, taking on companyB's domain name. This is coupled with new physical premises etc, and the decision has been made to buy new hardware, have a new AD Domain etc, nice clean slate (both company's have been poorly maintained in terms of IT).

    So I will be building 2 new DC's and 2 App/File Server's (Windows 2003 Standard R2 + Exchange 2003 Standard SP2)

    What is the best way to do this? They will be keeping their PC's.

    I remember I did a similar procedure once when a small (4-5 users) company had their SBS Server HDDs fail and lost the array. I had to build a new server, reinstall AD and it pretty much all went to pot becuause just having the same domain name wasnt enough - it messed up the PC's pretty bad.

    Also, this is not a forklift merge + migration. I expect the 2 old sites will need to stay up and running along side the new while we move users + PC's over a period of time.

    Keeping things like email up for both domains + new one while we are moving is also bugging me, I am thinking of creating all the new users at the new site from the word Go, and giving them RPC-HTTPS access if they are to remain at one of the old sites for a while. I will configure exchange to also accept mail from domain.

    This is all about a month off, so I'm trying to get procedure's straight in my head first.

    Many Thanks


    EDIT: Would running SysPrep on the new machines before joining the new domain be the best way of doing this? As noted before, last time I just took the client PC's off the domain, and then rejoined them to the new domain with the same name some very strange things started happening.
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    Re: Creating a new domain with same name as old one!

    Anyone have any experience in this, or know of the recommended best practice?

    Sorry dont mean to chase


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      Re: Creating a new domain with same name as old one!

      I'm not sure it can be done...
      How are you going to migrate users from "domain B" (old domain) to "domain B" (New domain). Most if the tools used for migration use DNS.

      If your planning on creating a new domain, why not a new domain space. It would surely ease up the migration process.
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        Re: Creating a new domain with same name as old one!

        build a new dc server, connect it to the network but not the domain(ie log in locally but on same subnet) and dcpromo it with the same name as the domain you want to keep
        itll add a 01 after the domain name in netbios(and make a site01)
        join it to the forrest/domain to replicate over dns, ad etc

        switch off the old dc, edit dns, edit the new dc settings to remove the 01

        let the users log back in

        add the other dc to the new forrest as a child domain(merge the resources later) and replicate the settings

        configure all domains to connect to the new exchange server and edit the mail policies

        (i just did this a couple of months ago and my memory is a bit mushy but thats basically all i did, now the new site is xyz01(old one was xyz) and the domain is xyz - all the logins stay the same for the upgraded domain, keep everything tracked correctly in dns and it should only be a minor tweak to get them all talking - if the autodiscover for exchange doesnt work then youll have to manually find the server(2007 is all automatic))

        for me:its difficult to answer this fully in a forum but i hope ive given the general idea - im sure an mvp/trainer will have a simpler/better/clearer way

        (i had to do this cause the old ad was a bit messed up and the new server would not dcpromo when logged in to the domain)
        (you could just add the new dc's, replicate and make trusts - take care of the naming in dns or make a new server the forest and add both old ones as child domains again replicate and switch off)
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          Re: Creating a new domain with same name as old one!

          just to add, the worst case would invlove changing the clients onto a workgroup then back onto the domain(this takes time though), this wont cause any harm to the clients (they dont care who they log in to)

          (you could make all the users have roaming profiles and back that up if you were worried about data loss)

          (you just have to move the exchange mailboxes from server to server)

          !!!running sysprep will kill your network as it removes all ssid's from the machines - its used for wds/image deployment - youre only changing user accounts!!!
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            Re: Creating a new domain with same name as old one!

            thank you for the response's.

            I was actually going to recreate all the user accounts from fresh. All their data is stored on network drives anyway and any personal stuff they have they can backup onto a pen stick.

            The main concern I have stems from a previous experience when I was forced to join clients to a "new" domain but with the same name. I took the clients off the old domain (which was already down as they had no backups and they array died) and joined them to a workgroup. I then rejoined them to the "new" domain I had built and I had all sorts of crazy problems!

            If I take a PC from and unjoin it from the domain, move the PC to the new site and join it to the new domain I should have no problems right?

            With mailboxes I was going to export everything into PST's and re-import them at the new site. Seeming as this is a gradual move (only a few users at a time) it shouldnt be too much of an issue.




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              Re: Creating a new domain with same name as old one!

              its easy if your doing it fresh, if any clients complain, move to workgroup(dont restart) then back onto domain and all should be well


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                Re: Creating a new domain with same name as old one!


                Any reason for not restarting? Just curious