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Missing folder redirection node

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  • Missing folder redirection node

    I am running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2

    I am not only new to this forum but windows server software as well. I am having a difficult time getting the folder redirection node to appear. I have registered the .dll file by “regsvr32 fde.dll” that is the only thing I have tried.

    I found this but the wording isn't clear enough for me being a "newbie." If someone could explain it to me in laymen terms I would appreciate it.

    ... Folder Redirection is a User group policy. This means that a user for whom you configure folder redirection must have a group policy linked to some folder structure where their user object is subordinate, such as a site, domain, or organizational unit...

    Is this the reason I am not seeing the Folder Redirection folder?
    In group policy editor I only see:

    User Settings
    Windows Settings
    {Remote... | Scripts... | +Security... | +Internet... } no folder redirection

    I am using this for my redirection instructions:

    ** If anyone has other websites or a books that explain in detail windows server 2003 please feel free to share.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.