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DNS caching on 2003 server

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  • DNS caching on 2003 server

    We have a remote office where they have a cisco router and a Windows 2003 member server.

    The server only does file and print services.

    The server is connected to our head office which does all the A/D and dns etc.

    As you can imagine, if the cisco router or line dies, no one can print or share files.

    How do I set up Windows 2003 to hold a local record of the DNS so that they can at least work locally in the event of a line out which is more likely than the router going down?


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    Re: DNS caching on 2003 server

    Configure the DNS Server as a Secondary DNS Server.

    By the way is the DNS Server located in the head office an Active Directory Integrated DNS Server ?
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      Re: DNS caching on 2003 server

      I normally make my DNS AD Intergrated. That way DNS entries can be replicated between domain controllers. Ideally you would want your clients pointing to their closest DNS server for speed and saving bandwidth.

      To me you need to promote the member server to a domain controller role and make it AD integrated DNS. You will have alot of authentication data etc going via your internet connection to the head office end. When this is complete you should make sure Sites and Services is setup correctly so machines are communicating with their nearest server.

      You could though I guess just use a second DNS entry using your ISP's DNS servers.
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