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Undelete program for Win2k Server

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  • Undelete program for Win2k Server

    I have a work collegue, who deleted some files for drive space reasons a week ago, on a windows 2000 server.

    With no backup, or no copy these files (10 or so excel files) now need restoring. Its a crazy situation to be in and a decision was made, which was out of my control, but its critical that these are now rescued.

    Without "googling" this, can anyone recommend any software which they have experience with or know of, which may solve this problem (IE - a good undelete program)

    Thanks in advance.
    UK Newbie!

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    I've successfully recovered deleted files using EasyRecovery Pro. I have noticed however that files that were deleted over a network connection tend to be harder to recover and files more than 1-2 days old are likely gone. This is because the area of the disk where the data once resided has likely been reused since the deletion. When this happens the data in those clusters become cross-linked with new data which means the data can't be seperated or the application is unable to determined where it belongs.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Don't forget to backup.

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