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Doing the unthinkable 2k over 2k server?!

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  • Doing the unthinkable 2k over 2k server?!

    Hi, new here, hope you can help!

    Problem is that 2k server bluescreened, and despite running checkdisk /r have only now got to the stage where the reg software file is corrupt. Machine is p4 2.4 Raid 0/1. Been fabulously reliable, don't know why it happened, but did find Java/ByteVerify upon installing 2k Pro in another drive, from which I am now writing, so maybe it was that?

    Now I know I backed it up somewhere, but can't find it as yet, so that may well be a problem.

    Next. Don't really want or need the box to be a server, did it because I used to have a small soho, now separated from wife, so just a couple of pcs. Drag with server is that apps can cost so much more. So going back to 2k pro seems like a good idea.

    Maybe upgrade to XP pro in future, not just yet though, money is a little tight.

    So, does anybody know what might be the outcome of a 'dirty' install of 2k pro over the top of server?

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    You might find that when you attempt to install Pro it will complain that the drive contains an OS... You should only proceed if you're not worried about the apps or data on the drive because there is the potential for lost data. You'll also find that the registy will be completely rebuilt and most links to existing apps are gone or don't work. In the end, it will most likely work out but I don't recommend doing what you've described as a "dirty install".

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      I have had that problem in the past. What I did to recover the data was just to install a fresh copy of the OS in another directory of the disk. Like that, I was able to boot the computer and backup the data I couldn't access otherwise. But indeed, after that, I had to format the disk and install the OS properly because the programs, etc. were not working.
      But at least I didn't loose my data


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        Thanks for the advice chaps.

        I actually did what Pablo suggested. All user 'My Documents' were pointed to a different partition, and my 20Gb of mp3 were on another, so they were all safe.

        MS backup wasn't the help I hoped it might be at one stage. When installing 2kpro I didn't notice that it put the bootloader etc.. on a removable ide drive, so I backed up the entire system, did an erd and rebooted with the removable drive switched off. Told backup where to put everything, but it was a bit confused, no go. Another installation later and here I am.

        More 'backoff' than 'backup' really.

        Reinstalling all the apps was not too bad, drivers were a bit of a hassle, but it's all done now.

        Result, much quicker machine and some confidence that it won't happen again.

        Thanks for the hand-holding and sympathy!