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Can I remove the mirrors?

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  • Can I remove the mirrors?

    Hi all,

    I urgently need technical assistant to me. In my one server, there is 3 hard disks. One is for System HDD and another 2 are data HDD. That 2 data hard disks are mirroring each. but one is missing currently. Now i want to remove the mirroring process in that 2 data hard disks because i want to use the missing hard disk in other place. But i afraid to removed the mirroring process in that 2 HDD. I want to know, when i remove that mirroring process in 2 HDD, Data will be lost in good 1. Data lost on missing HDD is ok. I can't lost any data from 1 good Data HDD. I will attached the print scree.

    Can I remove the mirror on that 2 Data HDDs without data lost?

    pls see print screen at ->


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    Re: Can I remove the mirrors?

    Yes you can just remove it. However I recommend recreating the mirror when you get the chance for data protection purposes.
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