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Activedirectory and Exchange server migration

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  • Activedirectory and Exchange server migration

    hi experts.

    I just wondering what's best step to do this.
    following is the what we have now.

    - I uses a sing domain structure.(server1-old,server2-new)
    - I just add second DC on domain(it replicated well, no error)
    - Need to move all function and data to server2 then we want demote server1
    - server1 currently hold all FSMO roles, all websites and exchange database.

    it looks simply but I would like to know the key for this.
    question is how to move exchange data to server2-new and how to running new domain controller which is server2-new without problems.

    Please give me a advise. thank for your time in advance.

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    Re: Activedirectory and Exchange server migration

    It would be best not to have Exchange and AD on the same box. Is there anything wrong with your 1st server?
    If the second DC has been added you can install exchange on it and move the mailboxes / replicas etc change inbound 25 to the second server.
    Move the FSMO roles and let it settle for a bit.
    copy your websites and test they work
    then stop the exchange services on the first server to test, if all good uninstall it.
    then dcpromo the AD out.

    Remove first Exchange


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      Re: Activedirectory and Exchange server migration

      thank you so much for your help. I will give it a shot tomorrow.