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Services failing on Server 2003

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  • Services failing on Server 2003

    IIS restart was run on a web server (server 2003) and following that, a series of services stopped working. Services.msc shows a blank screen, drive mappings won't connect (but there is still a connection), Network connections shows a blank screen.

    Event viewer cannot be opened. No error, just won't open (won't open remotely/3rd party viewer either)

    Cryptographic services are not running and we are unable to uninstall/reinstall service packs. Already tried deleting catroot 2. Netstart results in error 1068 (service failed to start)

    If you try to start svchost.exe you get an error 0xC0000005.

    Chkdsk results in error: cannot open volume for direct access

    No dumps are available.

    I think that's it. Any quick suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we will have to reghost soon if we cannot resolve this issue in the next day.

    FYI - the server is offsite, so we are unable to use the recovery console due to no windows disk in the server (remote KVM so we can run safe mode/non network modes etc)

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    Re: Services failing on Server 2003

    If Safe Mode does the same thing then re-ghost!
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