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Possible security\file-system problem with Server 2003 Web Edition

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  • Possible security\file-system problem with Server 2003 Web Edition


    PLEASE PLEASE HELP (icon of me sweating)

    We’re recently experiencing a strange problem with our web server (Windows Server 2003 Web Edition + SP2):
    Accessing files or folders through the local network is RANDOMLY denied.

    It’s very weird since sometimes we can access the same files\folders without any problem but instantly – access is denied (“Insufficient privileges”).
    For example - I did several attempts copying (pulling) a 5.5GB file from the server to my PC and copying is terminated every time, by the server, at other phase. Sometimes after copying 50% of the file, other time at 30% and once I even reached 87% but I never managed copying the whole file.
    On the other hand – if copying files from the server to other computers on the network – NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!! and this also refers to files that had problems accessing them from the network just few seconds before.

    Suspecting HD problem, I ran chkdsk but except 16k of bad sectors, nothing special was identified. The memory modules and network adaptor of the server were replaced but the problem persists.

    Any ideas?

    Any help is most appreciated.


    p.s - I forgot to mention - the problem first appeared last week. This server is ~5~6 years old and it never had any problem!
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