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Configuring a new server [was: noob help]

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  • Configuring a new server [was: noob help]

    okay, take a laugh, i'm a noob at this

    Server 2003, seems to have al lot of functionalities and i don't really know what i need to configure and what could be useful.
    This is the situation:
    I'm working at a local network, which is conected with the internet. router and stuff have been working for quiet some time.
    I have a laptop with vista.
    I have now a computer with MS Server 2003. I have only one connection with the network, which i resolved by putting two network interfaces in this computer. One towards the network, the other towards my laptop. The thing worked with XP.

    What i want to do: I want to make part of the network 'private', so only the one's with password can get on to the private section.
    In this private section i want my laptop, the server and some other computers and my printer connected to the server.
    I want to use my server for storage. This HD space shouldn't be personal: i mean should be accesable for the complete private section.

    I hope you guys can point me out which features i should use, and in what way. The details i will figure out my self, the problem is right now i don't know where to begin...