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Weird behaviour of Clients in W2K3 ADS

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  • Weird behaviour of Clients in W2K3 ADS


    Got a problem which is driving me nuts.
    First let me brief the PICTURE:
    1. We have a network of approximately 40 Clients and one 2003 Standard Server (SP2) running ADS.
    2. We have internet access through a hardware firewall.
    3. We also have leased line which connects to our principal (Though not all machines require this) to use siebel from there intranet server. On those machines we have to obviousely define a different gateway.
    4. All systems and gateways/routers are connected to the the same switch(es).
    5. All systems are running Windows XP SP2 with all latest patches applied.
    6. All the machines join the domain.
    1. For some strange reasons, initially they had some computers joining the domain, while others running in workgroup mode. I have made all systems join the domain, for obvious reasons.
    Every once in a few days, when I am accessing one client from another (its random, but its almost always, if not always, the computers which were later added to the domain), its asking for username/password. Which I believe should not be in an AD senario, since all clients should get the Access permission settings from the DC.
    Please help me on this! I am at my wits end.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Weird behaviour of Clients in W2K3 ADS


    When you get the authentication box up can you login using your domain administrator account? ie domain_name\account_name and then password?

    Have you checked that your domain admin group been added to the local administrators group or the domain users group has been added to users group locally on the pc's that you joined to the domain ?

    Have you looked in AD to see if the computer objects have been added sucessfully and that there not disabled?

    Hope this helps.

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      Re: Weird behaviour of Clients in W2K3 ADS


      What do you mean by using clients to gain access to one another? do you mean you are using your xp clients to access one another?. It sounds like windows is not passing through the credentials from the client machine. That is a bit wierd. I am ssuming all ntfs permissions on the shares have been checked and that there are no managed usernames and passwords on these machines under users in control panel?