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  • Server Cal Usage?

    I have a 2003 server that I am using as our Terminal Server. We have 4 other 2003 servers the PDC has 125 Cals installed.

    In reference to the 2003 server Cals (not terminal service cals) do I use the same amount of cals if the computer that is connecting to the terminal server is a domain pc or a workgroup pc?

    Right now our remote office has a bunch of win2k workstations acting as "thin-clients" I am thinking about joining them to the domain and continue to run them as "thin-clients" but I want to take into consideration CAL usage.

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    Re: Server Cal Usage?

    What type of CALs you are using?

    Additionally have a look at the below link:

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      Re: Server Cal Usage?

      The server that we are using for terminal-services is in the "Per Server" mode in reference to the 2003 server cals.

      The TS cals were installed as "Device" cals.

      I read the Microsoft article it talks about the terminal server cals. As far as I can tell the 10 TS cals that we purchased are not being used. I think this is because of the rule microsoft made that 2k Pro workstation has 1 terminal services cal built-in
      so you don't need one when connecting to a 2k server terminal services. We are being grandfathered in on that deal with xp and 2003 machines as well.

      I think my question in the end boils down to if a workgroup PC connects to a server does it use a CAL, and I think that it is so because either way it is classified as a device that is connected or in the case of per user the person has to provide credentials to log on so it would be a user connected.

      So I think when calculating how many windows server cals I need to have installed on the PDC to cover all my users/devices I would have to take in to my workgroup thinclients as well.