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using Hub for Connecting Windows XP and Windows 98

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  • using Hub for Connecting Windows XP and Windows 98

    Hi Guys,

    i got a quaestion for you...if i am gonna use a hub to connect two Computers(XP and 9 through a hub using My DSL modem for internet connection for both machine..what is the Best Wat to do that???
    i am new here and this is s great Forum...

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    If your just going to connect two System's together, it's real easy.
    Plug your DSL,Cable Modem into the port on the hub that says WAN,or Port 1. Most of them are marked on the back of the hub. READ your Hub Manual to be sure. from the Hub You will need to Cat 5 (I Think Through)
    Cables to connect the systems. And each pc needs to have its own Network cards to work. NOTE: Some Cisco 768 DSL require Cross Cables.
    Check with your PC shop to ask what cables you need to install.

    If you in tend to use these as file and print share,you will have to install
    File and print share from your windows CD. XP by default all ready has it installed. You will then need to install ICS for the Win 98 System. Of the
    Win98 CD. BTW, ICS stands for Internet connetion Shareing.

    Be sure to have a GOOD firewall In place.
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      Just use a Router.

      Can be picked up at your local Best Buy or whom ever is in your area. About 60 bucks. It acts like a hub and configured correctly will supply you with the additional firewall protection you will need.

      Most Routers come with decent instructions as to hooking them up, so you don't need to be a techie to do so.


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        Using a hub is simple. Here is a list of what you will need for what you are asking.

        A Hub/Switch (nothin' fancy but I would prefer a Switch)
        2 NICs (one for each machine)
        2 Cat5 cables (Standard Patch Cable)
        1 Cat5 cable (Crossed Over Patch Cable)
        A Computer (or more than one)

        Take the 1 Crossed over patch cable going from the DSL modem to port 1 (or any other port for that matter) I am assuming this isnt a 5 port Hub/Switch with port 5 being a crossover port.

        Take the 2 Standard patch cables and hook those bad boys up to the other computer/s.

        If you dont want to RTFM (Restart The F*ckin Machine) the win98 system just goto a command prompt (Start -> Run -> "command") and type "ipconfig/renew_all" respectively without quotes.

        As for the XP machine you should'nt need to do anything after the hookup.

        If you need help setting up something with a bit more securtiy let me know. If Daniel doesn't already have a walk-through on ICF and ICS (Internet Connection Firewall and Internet Connection Sharing) then I would be glad to help you.

        Brad -_-
        Brad Bentley


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          Thanks guys you are great
          It's done ....