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Regarding System State Data Restore

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  • Regarding System State Data Restore

    Hi All,

    I have domain with a Single DC. The Dc's Hard Disk crashed and fortunately we have the system state data backup. Some body plz advice what is the correct method to restore system state data. I have installed 2 windows 2003 systems. One in the same hardware where the previous DC was running, changing the Hard Disk. I have installed another fresh windows 2003 server in another server hardware. Both the windows 2003 are not promoted to DC yet. My previous domain name was so somebody kindly help me to start with the restore process.

    Rajesh K B

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    Re: Regarding System State Data Restore

    Simply restart the box in DS restore mode...........

    Restore the Systemstate and restart the box in normal mode......

    Kapil Sharma
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      Re: Regarding System State Data Restore

      Dear Mr. Kapil ..
      Thanks for your reply. one more doubt i have .. i have 2 windows 2003 systems installed.. with no AD .. is it necessary to restore to the same hardware ?? i mean any relationship between the hardware and system state data ?? plz help me ..


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        Re: Regarding System State Data Restore

        You should be fine restoring it on another machine as long as you have the same version and service pack level of Windows.

        Also, don't restore system state data from a DC on a server that is already in use as it may cause problems to the other apps or the domain controller itself. (For example, local accounts used by an app etc..) - do it from a clean install.
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