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additional domain controller prob

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  • additional domain controller prob

    I have a question .
    I made a 2k3 domain named
    then I want to make an additional domain controller in 2000. dns working fine. but everytime i want to add 2000 into 2k3 domain after dcpromo...give the userid as administrator and the exact password and domain name in 2000 when it try to modify computer permission .. it ask me to enter a valid user id who have proper permission to make changes in domain. and give me access denied... I cant solve it..
    please help me to solve this ... how can I make a additional 2000 adv srv domain controller in a 2003 domain..

    Thank you..

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    When trying to promote and create an additional DC in an existing domain you need to have Domain Admin rights on the domain you want to join.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      explntn of problem

      I run a 2k3 server which is a first forest and first domain and first tree.
      now I want to make a 2000 adv server as a secondary domain controller under the first forest and first tree.
      but every time i want to join it I face access denied problem

      1. 2k3 security setting is in setup security mode.
      2. DNS working fine 2k and ping 2k3's domain name.
      3. bothe r able to ping each other.

      problem is
      after running dcpromo
      i give user id as administrator and the correct pass and the 2k3 domain name
      as usual it asks the 2k3's domain name again ... ok put it
      the it try to change the 2k's computer permission as a domain controller in 2k3, but here it shows a autorisation box asking the user name who have proper authorisation to make changes in domain.
      admin has the full power but it doesnt accept it has mixed domain functional level...


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        If you have tried multiple times to add the same server to the domain, you might have made a mess of it. You might need to demote the new server, and clean up using this one:

        > change the 2k's computer permission as a domain controller in 2k3

        You have lost me completely here. Exactly what are you trying to do?


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          ok I made a back up and clean install 2k3 make the domain again clean install 2k2 and modify 2k's computer permission as a domain controller in 2k3. but the problem remins

          PLS explain the process to make an additional domain controller (2000)
          in a 2003 entrprse servr.


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            There are no special measures. If you did not modify default securit settings it should just work.

            The memberserver should have SP4, did you apply that?

            Otherwise, take a look at this one:

            Yet another thing to do is to run dcdiag and netdiag (support tools) on both machines. These are very useful diagnostic tools. If you have a bad misconfiguration somewhere these tools can find it.


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              yes I have already applied . now trying the kb


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                not working

                ok I tried everything I got from kb But failed to make a 2000 adv server a additional domain controller in a 2003 domain...