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Deactived Admin Account

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  • Deactived Admin Account

    I was trying to create an admin account named something other than "administrator" which I did, but when I tried to log on using the new admin it said that I didnt have privileges to log on to the local host, but me being careless (STUPID) I deactivated the administrator account before I logged out and now I cannot log back in. Someone please help me as I am helpless.

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    Re: Deactived Admin Account

    I assume this is Windows 2000 or 2003 server... Is this a stand alone server, on a network, or a Domain Controller? Also, I am assuming this is a local administrator account, not the network administrator account (correct me if I'm wrong).

    If it is part of a domain, just log in as a "Domain Admin" and you can re-enable the local administrator account. Or you can just do a remote manage, and enable the account.

    If it is not part of a domain, you can boot of a utility CD (such as The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows) and use Sala's Password Renew fix your administrative account.


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      Re: Deactived Admin Account

      First of all, thanks for the quick response. This is the only server on the domain (also the domain controller) but the admin account that I deactivated was local (although I deactivated through Active Directory). Anyway, I thought of using a recovery disk, but as far as I understand those only work when you are trying to reset a password, not reactivate an account. If you know of a recovery disk that would allow me to set the admin account back to active please point me in the right direction. Thanks.