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  • PXE Boot to winpe

    Hi All
    we use winPE for a scripted build of our win2k and w2k3 servers, this is from a boot cd which boots XP and then the scripts ask for a few questions about the server being built and then carries on for the next 20mins until its built and all standard software is added....Now I want to get rid of the boot cd and use pxe to boot and then connect to an ISO of the cd? not sure if thats possible or the files from the cd and boot as if it were running from the CD.. I have not set up a PXE server before and not sure if what I am trying to do is easily possible...

    any thoughts/poiters/suggestions?



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    Re: PXE Boot to winpe

    I know you're supposed to set some PXE boot options in your DHCP server to tell the clients where to look for boot images, but I never got it to work with a Windows DHCP server, it never seemed to pass the options properly.

    This may help:


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      Re: PXE Boot to winpe

      Very very easy if you have Server 2003 with SP2. Look into Windows Deployment Services. Its a free add on included in SP2.