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Proxy and browser problem ?

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  • Proxy and browser problem ?

    hi all,

    i have 1 ISA 2006 proxy server, 1 AD server and more than 60 clients. My proxy mode in ISA server is setup already. but in the browser, I need to type the proxy address and port in the browser setting. if not the browser can pass the proxy. the client get full access to internet. My goal is to prevent the surfing of blacklist website. how can i control this condition?

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    Re: Proxy and browser problem ?

    You need to program your router to NOT accept traffic on port 80 from any source other than the ISA server.

    Then setup automatic discovery on the ISA server and a GPO setting the proxy settings of your clients to the ISA server.

    Your users should be able to now proxy thru the ISA server. This is considering the ISA server only has one NIC.

    The other way to do it is to use one NIC on the ISA server conencted to the LAN and the other NIC to connect to the DMZ port on the router. Program the router to not accept port 80 traffic from any source. Also program access for port 80 only from the DMZ port on the router (connected to the ISA server).

    You now have a routing scheme where only port 80 traffic is accepted from the DMZ port which obviously is from the ISA server which can only be from authenticated users!
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      Re: Proxy and browser problem ?

      as JDMills says you need to block web traffic on the router, you can also force the browser settings within group policy but be aware this doesn't affect Firefox for example.

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