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2000 to 2003 domain migration 25+ servers some questions

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  • 2000 to 2003 domain migration 25+ servers some questions

    We currently have in excess of 25 servers all doing various things, most are 2000 boxes with the odd 2003 box, and also an aging Exchange 2000 mail server.

    So we have to migrate to 2003 domain as one of our sub companies is putting in a new system and needs to be on a 2003 domain.

    At the same time the boss wants to save money so need to look at server consolidation and or virtualisation.

    So I need to draw up a list of the servers, the amount of storage, cpus, jobs etc.

    What I am not sure on is server virtualisation, and how best to go about deciding what I need in terms of hardware, virtualisation software etc.

    The servers I wouldnt virtualise, would be the main dc, the exchange box, backup server. Most of our storage is on SAN connected to the servers via iSCSI, backups are done by Vertias to staging server via disk backup and then to tape. But I also understand you can backup virtual servers in once go?

    So Im looking for suggestions, ideas on the best practice for such a task.



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    Re: 2000 to 2003 domain migration 25+ servers some questions

    @ Dave_Lincs

    i would go for quad cpu's if you can put 2 on a mobo its good. if you need more power take 4 quad cpu's

    the cpu's must have VT (for intel) or AMD-V (i am not sure about the AMD name)

    memory also depends on how much guests you would like to run...

    lets say every guest needs 2 GB mem and you would like to run 5 guests...
    you need 10 GB minimum... this is not including the host memory.

    even if you not planing to use the internal storage (you have ISCSI)
    i would say go for some performance disk's... they should be fast
    maybe you can do something with some RAID solution...

    imagine 5 guests need to read simultaneously from the local disk's

    for virtualisation software... i would go with VMWARE (not the free version)

    you can do snapshot's from your guests... that is a very nice feature...
    also because the hardware is virtual hardware for the guest's you can boot this virtual machines in emergency on another VMWARE server... or use the player for emergency... on every other hardware... even a strong desktop could save you in emergency

    if you are not familiar with virtualisation... install vmware server free version and play with it... you will see its something very useful for IT and easy to use...

    good luck...


    i have also in the past used backup software with universal restore... to backup my desktop and restore it to a virtual machine...
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