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New to server 03

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  • New to server 03

    Hi, just looking for any tips anyone can give me as I start working with 03 as a student that may help me in the real world.


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    Re: New to server 03

    That is pretty broad question. You may find it better to read through the MS site first and then narrow it down to specifics. I'm sure we can help with them.

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      Re: New to server 03

      well there is a lot of useful info within the knowledge base on this site.

      is always useful.

      if your only running a test domain then trial and error is always good.

      if you break and fix things you will find you learn a lot to.

      do you have any experiance with running servers or are you starting 100% from scratch?


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        Re: New to server 03

        my tip to you is not to learn everything at once. pick a subject to focus on and move from there. for example, if you want to know how to install in a server 2003. do that. finish that task and move to the next. There are sooo many things to learn.

        have a test server setup...can you add a second domain controller? get internet access on your testing server, how does router work? how does your cable modem plug into your router? IP address of server? VPN setup? Active Directory creating? Contacts in Active Directory? Exchange Server?

        you see where I am going? pick a simple task and go from there. don't worry about finding subjects to know about. it will come up and you will start to ask your first start off. Since you know Active do you create a new user that needs an email as well? would you create it in Active Directory where the Domain Control is or would you create it in Active Directory in your Exchange Server?? Both ways will work, but doing it in the Exchange Server will save you a step. A step that can save you 5 minutes.
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