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Sec. Policy Issues

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  • Sec. Policy Issues

    Hello, I have already reviewed most KB articles on this problem am havening. One of my DC/GC servers(w2k) isnt updating its policies. I looked at the security database file for its local policy and it hasnt been updated since 11/26/2007.

    My question is since this is a one of my Global Catalog server I dont want to repair the secpolicy database because I am afraid it will mess up the GPO. If that isnt a possibility then I can use the utility to repair it. I dont have a backup of that file that I could revert too so that wont work, but I was thinking I could take that same file from another Global Catalog server and replace it, but not sure of what will happen. I will include the articles I have read about this issue but none of them were done on a GC server.

    Error Msgs received:

    Security policies are propagated with warning. 0x4b8 : An extended error has occurred.

    Windows cannot open the local policy database. (This is done when trying to open the local secuirty policy)
    An unknown error occured when attempting to open the database
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    What do I know, I am only 26.

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    Re: Sec. Policy Issues

    Any suggestions?
    What do I know, I am only 26.


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      Re: Sec. Policy Issues

      Just for future refernece if anyone else gets this problem, just replace the local sec data file with another one from a working gc/dc in your enviroment and refresh the policy or reboot the server and you will be good to go.
      What do I know, I am only 26.


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        Re: Sec. Policy Issues

        I've missed this thread, but thanks for posting back!
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