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  • IPSec Forwarding Filter?

    Here's the deal. I am really liking the IPSec thing in XP/2003 and have read the tutorial to get it up and running on my AD. I have blocked all the traffic for certain computers, except for the sites and services I explicitly allow. (nice tutorial btw)

    I am having a bit of a problem though. When I allow a site like and they have adds on the site, the site takes forever to load because the browser is looking up the URL that is blocked. Eventually the browser will give up, but it takes really long. I can't allow all of the adds as they rotate quite frequently. What I would like to do is for any site/IP that is not allowed, forward them to an intranet IP. That way the page should load faster and whenever they try to go to you tube, they are forwarded to the intranet site.

    Now I haven't found a way to do this with IPSec. Is there a Filter Action that I can set. I only see the options Block, Allow, or Negotiate Security. Please let me know how I can forward traffic instead of blocking it.