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problem installing drivers for Win server 2003

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  • problem installing drivers for Win server 2003

    Hi i'm mohamed Riyaash.sorry for posting this issue earlier in Welcome note.Thanks for the immediate response.

    I have a problem installing the drivers of My motherboard CD after installing Win server 2003 enterprise edition.The CD is unable to open and received error message " Error 13 in ExpressInstaller.FrmMainScreen.Form_Load.Type Mismatch " .i'm able to install Win Xp Pro and install Drivers from my Motherboard CD in the same computer.i don't know under which title i should post it in this kindly guide me.

    My motherborad make is Intel ( Pentium 4 Processor )
    My Motherboard model is Intel Desktop Board D845PESV
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    Re: problem installing drivers for Win server 2003

    Rocky, I have no idea why you decided to double post this topic after I had moved your thread to the Misc Forum. (This is a hardware problem and NOT a Windows 2003 Server problem.) You even replied to that thread but still you went and created a another.

    You initially posted in the Lounge with a non descriptive title, both of which were rectified and now you double post AGAIN in the wrong forum.

    You now have 2 weeks (2 week ban is being imposed) to read the Posting Rules so you will not make mistakes like this again. This thread will be closed but the one in the Misc Forum will be left open and your deleted post will be undeleted. I will also attempt to merge the answers you have received here.

    Please, try posting in the appropriate forum (use the Misc Forum if unsure where to put it).
    Please try and give your thread an appropriate title (Welcome Message as a title in the Lounge is NOT appropriate, even for a message meant for the Lounge).
    Please do NOT create a new thread and Double Post it when a staff member has moved (and answered) your first post to the appropriate Forum.

    Not following the simple rule creates a lot of work for the Moderators who generously give their time freely. 99.9% of all members are able to follow these rules or at least be able to work them out through plain old common sense and logic. If you look after computers or networks then it isn't hard.

    This is NOT rocket science.

    [EDIT: Answers from the contributing members to this thread have been moved to the same titled thread in the Misc Forum. Your contributions are appreciated. Thanks.]
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