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  • Publish multiple webservers

    I would like to publish two web servers on my network using host headers on a third server that is accessible from the internet. Is this something that's possible when not using ISA Server. If it is I need detailed instructions because I've tried and tried and could not accomplish it. Or if possible can I run ISA server with out the firewall component. I'm in a test environment where I have only three machines available.

    Machine #1: Domain Controller, DNS Server & internet accessible for remote management. (single 750 w/ 512 mb ram) (If I were to install ISA this is where it would go as a Unihomed network config.)

    Machine #2: Exchange Server 2003 (dual p3 733 w/ 1 gig ram)

    Machine #3: Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 (dual p3 550 w/ 512 mb ram)

    If you use Machine #1 as my Domain Controller and ISA machine then the clients may not be able to authenticate if the firewall component is turned on. Is there any way around this?

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    Yes, it can be done with host headers. The only real limitation is that you can only use SSL on the default server. I'm at work right now so I don't have the time to give you a more detailed response. I'll try and provide instructions later tonight if your query goes unanswered.

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      Thanks ahinson