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DNS Problems in a LAN with 2000 Server and SBS 2003

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  • DNS Problems in a LAN with 2000 Server and SBS 2003

    I'd like any help because at this moment I'm running out ideas.

    I had until a couple of years ago a domain in 2000 Server named MainDom. At that time the client bought a SBS 2003 and I've migrate everything to SBS, being it the "boss" (DNS Server,FSMO and Global Catalog) of the network. The only thing I did not migrate to it was DHCP Server which remained on 2000 Server because of an installed antivirus console. Everything went just well from the replication issues between both servers to DNS Servers (dcdiag /test:dns) was always ok.

    A fortnight ago, the client bought a new server in 2003 R2 Standard to work as a Terminal Server only. At this time, I decided to take the downtime as the moment to change the DHCP to SBS - for that purpose, I stopped/uninstalled DHCP on 2000 Server, installed on SBS and configured the options like router and wins. For that moment on ( at least it seems ), the tests on DNS through DcDiag fails, people are complaining of slow performance and I'm getting on some computers ( including the Terminal Server ) error 11165 with the source on DnsApi. BTW replication tests are ok.

    Let's take a look at the network configuration.
    Windows 2000 Server - IP
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    SBS 2003 Server -
    LAN Card with File and Printer sharing for MS Networks activated -
    Primary DNS:

    LAN Card for SQL Purposes ( without sharing activated ):
    Primary DNS:

    2003 R2 Server (Terminal Server):
    LAN Card for local area network:
    Primary DNS:
    LAN Card for Internet Connection (IP of another scope=

    When I run DcDiag /test:dns, I get some errors:
    - TEST: Basic (Basc)
    Warning: adapter [00000001] HP NC7771 [Card for SQL] Gigabit Server Adapter has invalid DNS server: (<name unavailable>)

    - TEST: Records registration (RReg)

    Network Adapter [00000001] HP NC7771 [Card for SQL] Gigabit Server Adapter:
    Error: Missing A record at DNS server :

    Warning: Record Registrations not found in some network adapters

    Summary of test results for DNS servers used by the above domain controllers:

    DNS server: (
    1 test failure on this DNS server
    This is not a valid DNS server. PTR record query for the failed on the DNS server

    In SBS, when I go to DomainDnsZones ( in direct search zone in DNS Server), I have both and however the .idea is the DNS to be only the first one. On other hand, what I think as A Record is present in DNS, at least, I have all IP's from the network, including

    Sorry for this long thread but I'm unabled to understand what I did wrong. Moreover, what can I do in order to have to work as DNS Server, replicating to 2000 Server as measure to avoid problems, and to be the way in for the AD.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DNS Problems in a LAN with 2000 Server and SBS 2003

    Do you have your SBS servers NIC set as primary in the bindings?

    Properties of Network Neighbourhood and then then advanced and advanced settings. It should be at the top of the connections.

    If not then I would change it and if possible reboot, otherwise at least restart netlogon.

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: DNS Problems in a LAN with 2000 Server and SBS 2003

      Hello Andy.

      When I go to the bindings, NIC is at the top and as both File and Printer Sharing and Client for Microsoft Networks checked.
      The other ( ) is in second place and as none of this services/protocol activated.