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Windows Activation Wizard on Terminal Server

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  • Windows Activation Wizard on Terminal Server

    Hello I am having trouble with one of our servers, We just recently ran the SBS transition pack on our PDC, but this server is a different one running as a member server.

    We have a Dell Power Edge 840 with 2003 R2 server, I am running it as the terminal server with 15 terminal server cals installed which it says it isn't using any of those cals. Most of the clients are Windows 2000 I don't think 2000/XP uses a cal when connecting.

    It has happened to me twice now where I remote desktop from my workstation and log on as myself (I have domain admin priv) and the server will say it has not been activated and I cannot continue until I activate.

    The first time I canceled my session and went back with the -console switch, got in no problem.

    The second time I clicked through the wizard and it failed over the internet and wanted me to type in a new code so I hit cancel and the server shut down.

    So I powered it back up and everything works fine, I logged in at the console and from remote no problem, I watched 9 other users log on within a few minutes no problem.

    Have you ever seen this before? Any recommendations? Everything I find when I search has to do with the Terminal Server activation which is not the case for me it is the Windows Activation wizard.