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  • Disconnected Network Drive

    Hi all!
    I have Win-2003 server that I like permanently connect to a share on external CIFS server. I use Autoexnt.exe to run a as service batch file.
    The batch file is:
    net use F: \\computer_name\share_name password /USER:domain_name\user_name /persistent:no
    The status is:
    1) If you double click on the F: in my computer you see the files.
    2) If you run net use you don't see F:
    3) If you run net use f: /delete the answer is "The network connection could not be found"
    4) On the computer the connection looks as "Disconnected Network Drive"
    What is the problem, why it is "Disconnected Network Drive"?

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    Have you tried setting the persistent to yes? Does it have any effect?
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