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  • add dhcp to firewall exception

    Hi All:

    When you configure and have a DHCP up and running with the inbuilt firewall in win 2k3 already up and running, it asks you if you want to exlude this from the firewall. If a yes is given it adds it and the firewall unblocks and permits the DHCP service to hand out IP addresses.

    If, for instance, the firewall is not up and running, and DHCP is configured and after that the firewall is turned on, how does one add DHCP to the exception list, since this time it does not ask whether you want to add DHCP to exception?


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    Re: add dhcp to firewall exception

    Ports required for DHCPServer communication
    Port number/transport	Protocol  
    67/UDP			DHCP Server
    2535/UDP		MADCAP
    links to resources:
    Add UDP ports 67 and 2535 to the Windows Firewall exceptions list on the DHCP server.

    When you create a Windows Firewall exception for the DHCP protocol on a DHCP server, you must set the scope for the exception to Any computer including those on the Internet. If you leave it set to My network (subnet) only, all inbound DHCP Discover packets from client computers are dropped because the IP address of the packet is, which is not recognized by the computer as being part of the local subnet. This causes the DHCP process to fail and clients do not receive IP addresses.

    DHCP server role:
    Configuring a DHCP server
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