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Offline Folders - access denied

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  • Offline Folders - access denied

    one of my users can't perform syncronization with his offline folders.
    he get's access denied when trying to syncronize.

    he's the local admin of the notebook, and has full access to his folder (home folder on the server)
    the server is netapp filer with ntfs permissions on the volume.
    he can access the files with no problem but can't sync.

    there is no encryption or compression on the files or in the offline files definitions.

    other users can sync their files.
    he can't sync on another com also.



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    Re: Offline Folders - access denied

    Sorry for the "I have this problem too" response, but I do have some things to add that I have done to troubleshoot.

    I have re-created the user account in AD (delete user, delete exchange mailbox - recreate, reattach mailbox). This prompted creation of a new profile on the laptop, so I have a clean SID, clean profile.

    I then shared out the exact folder (made it the root of the share to rule out NTFS permissions issues), share permissions are Everyone full, NTFS permissions are user full, domain admins full.

    I have re-initialized offline files cache on the laptop many times

    Of note, the folder on the server is 2.5 gigs. I set the default size GPO to use up to 30% of the drive for offline files cache to get around the MS 2 gig limit.

    Files synchronize just fine (with the exception of a few "Incorrect Function" errors), then when the user is logged on to the domain and network connectivity is taken away, any files created during the offline time receive an "Access Denied" message when synchronizing after connectivity is restored. The files/folders are essentially placed into limbo, and can only be accessed in an offline situation. They never get synchronized to the server.

    Environment: SBS 2003 Standard with a 2003 server acting as a "Backup" domain controller. Since this isn't fully an SBS issue, I figured I would post in the Windows Server section. The file server is the indicated 2003 server.

    There are no entries in the security log of the file server, no event log entries of any kind on the laptop. As in the OP's post, the user is a local admin on the laptop. Encryption is not checked in the offline files options.

    Another troubling issue that relates to this is I appear to be missing the administrative template that controls "Do not automatically make redirected folders available offline" - it cannot be found on the server, nor in the local group policy on the laptop.

    I have also forced ownership of files and folders to the user.


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      Re: Offline Folders - access denied

      hi guys,

      Just a thought but I had the same thing and I recreated the user account in AD etc.

      What I didn't do was to clear the old roaming profile from the laptop for what ever reason with XP it will look and the local to find a profile and use some of those settings - even if you recreated the users - again I am not sure as to why this is I just tried that and it worked.

      so remove the old roaming profile from the local machine

      Another time when syc' and offline didn't work I used the ipconfig command and clear the DNS cach on laptop.

      Please let us know how did you go or if you found a solution this is a common problem. It can happens for many reasons the more we know the better it is.

      Kind Regards