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ASR Backup started but did not complete

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  • ASR Backup started but did not complete

    I got the server to start the ASR restore process (over a network connection to another PC that has the backup file shared) from a .bkf file and it goes through 99% of the restore and at the very end I get a text box that states:

    the recovery application "ntbackup recover /1 /sifpath=c:\windows\repair\asr.sif" returned an error code 0x2. Since this indicates an unrecoverable error ASR cannot continue.

    when i reboot that server , it starts up and then gives the error:

    Directory Services could not start because of the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. Error Status: 0xc000000f. Please click OK to shutdown the system and reboot into the Directory Services Restore Mode, check the event log for more detailed information.

    This error indicates that the AD was not restored....

    any ideas why my ASR did not complete?


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    Re: ASR Backup started but did not complete

    The ASR will contain the System State and if I'm not mistaken, you cannot restore the System State over the network. Can you load the backup file locally and restore it or burn it to removable media and restore it?


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      Re: ASR Backup started but did not complete

      Thanks Joe,

      Well... if you cannot restore the system state over a network connection than you can't do a full ASR restore over the network. Why would that even be an option in ASR?

      This is an older compaq DL380 without any USB ports and no DVD drive. I installed a USB PCI card and attached a USB hard drive with the .BKF file on it, however it does not get recognized in the ASR restore process.

      The ASR .bkf file is 5GBs and I only have a Raid5 of 4 drives that comprise the C: partition. I can try installing another drive with the .BKF file into the IDE connector of this server but i think I would have to do it after the 1st reboot of the ASR restore process because the first step in the ASR restore process is to wipe all the drives and reconfigure the partitioning scheme. Then after that it reboots and looks for the .BKF file.


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        Re: ASR Backup started but did not complete

        Well, I think if you add an IDE drive you might be OK because the IDE drive is not part of the ASR backup information, so ASR will not wipe it when it runs. I would add it, copy the bkf file to it and try the ASR restore again.