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  • Upgrade question

    Hello All
    I have right now windows 2000 mill on my computer and i want to upgrade to xp pro. Before i do this i would like to know would any of the files i have on the 2000 op transfer over to the win xp pro OP. I have alot huge files on this old Op and i need it to transfer over. Would anyone know if it would transfer or not. Because when i placed the cd in and booted it from the cd it said installing xp on the new partion would cause the old partion to not function correctly and something about my files being earsed i believed I saw. Would someone clearly this for me. Thank you.

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    ok I see the problem

    It seems that i can not upgrade from mill to xp without losing everything i had. Does anyone know what I can do to change my settings over?


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      Do the upgrade while W2000 is running. That will preserve all.


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        I hate to sound like a gloomy gus but if your files are that important I would back them up BEFORE doing anything.

        Just my over-cautious 2 cents



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          hey wkasdo

          I tierd to do the upgrade while win 2000 is running and it says it cant upgrade. It can only install a new op system and i will lose all my files. And as far as backing it up how do you guys back your files up. I dont have a zip drive. I have a extra hard drive that i can use but is there a way for me to drag what is on the old hard drive onto the new hard drive. Kind of what is done with a data cd?


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            Yes you can do that. Is the extra hard drive already installed in the computer? If it is then just copy the files that you want to save on to it.