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IP version 6 migration [ Need suggesions]

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  • IP version 6 migration [ Need suggesions]


    I am running Windows 2003 domain in my environment.
    Active directory integrated DNS is running
    Windows DHCP server running on Windows 2003

    I am thinking of migrating to IP version 6 as IP version 4 class C IP range is not sufficient as desktops,servers and users are coming in.

    I can build VLAN and 2 more DHCP server but it would increase administration over head. Thats why thinking of IP version 6.

    I have 3COM basline switches.
    1 Cisco Layer III switch
    Cisco 1841 router
    Cisco 515e PIX
    1 3COM layer III switch

    How feasable,easier it would be to switch to IP version 6 ?
    I went through several RFC doc and some articles. But seems like nobody has deployed IP version 6 using Microsoft products like DNS, DHCP along with 3COM switches etc ..Any clues,sugesions ? I have 240 machines right now. 92% desktops are running Windows XP. 8% PC's running WIndows 2000 Professional.
    4 servers running Windows Server 2000 [ These servers are not dc's. just hosting different file server/app server roles] . And rest are Windows 2003 STD edition installed servers which are domain server and dc's.

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    Re: IP version 6 migration [ Need suggesions]

    2003 has IPv6 as an external package installed, while 2008 has it precompiled into the TCP/IP stack

    anyhow, why not use class A or B?
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      Re: IP version 6 migration [ Need suggesions]

      you can also create multiple scopes and with and use the iphelper command on the switches in seperate vlans.
      There are quite a lot of options. I wouldn't go for IP version 6 right now.
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        Re: IP version 6 migration [ Need suggesions]

        you're still going to need IPV4 regardless unless all your devices support IPV6 and even then it's very doubtful that your ISP supports IPV6, so why manage an IPV4 and an IPV6 address space. IMHO, I would re-address the network using a larger subnet (it sounds like you are using the class C RFC 1918 address space) such as the class B RFC 1918 address space.

        Also IMHO, with the advent of CIDR and NAT I would be very surprised to see any serious IPV6 conversions in the next decade.