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Romaing profiles problem when server is down

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  • Romaing profiles problem when server is down


    We have 2 Windows 2003 domain controller located in 2 different buildings and the communication between those 2 servers is established with a VPN tunnel. Server "A" has all the FSMO roles and the Global Catalog and server "B" has only the Global Catalog enabled (and other roles but I don't think it matter in that case). Also, all users got their own Roaming Profile.

    Yesterday we had maintenance to do on the router of Server "B" so we had to bring down the VPN tunnels. During the time we got the tunnels up and running, an employee tried to log on onto his workstation, but Windows XP said that it could not find his roaming profile and that it will load a temporary profile. (his profile is located on Server "B" by the way...)

    That's weird because: 1) I thought that by enabling the Global Catalog on both servers could avoid this kind of authentification problems. 2) The user's profile was already copied on the workstation so Windows XP should have used the local profile instead of a temporary profile (like laptops when their are not connected to the network...)

    Our main goal of having 2 DC is to have the possibility of working on both servers even if the VPN tunnel is down...

    I'm open to any advice you could give me. Thank you!
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