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File opening restrictions on network drive

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  • File opening restrictions on network drive

    Hi guys,

    I need help from the experts in here regarding this problem.I got one Win2k3 R2 server running as a domain controller.I log on to the server using an account with an administrator privilleges and mapped a network drive on another pc.I got full read/write access on that network drive but I can't run any exe files from the network drive.I've did some of the method to troubleshoot the problem like including the remote pc name(//pc name) in the local intranet zone and trusted sites in IE control panel but no luck with that.I believed that this might be related to the domain controller group policy settings and I can't find which one that controls this feature.If I log in with the builtin administrator account,I can run the exe file on the network drive with no problem.

    I also got another win2k3 R2 server but its not configured as DC.This server can run exe files on network drive with no problem with any user accounts.

    Could you experts help me on this matter?Thank you very much in advance for your time.

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    Re: File opening restrictions on network drive

    did you use the share wizard to create the share?

    second, did set permissions for "authenticated users"?

    third, did you check to make sure the account isnt locked out or password expired in mid-day and now the user is unauthenticated? is it all domain users or just one account?

    my authenticated users have everything but full control on the admin install shares i have created and there seems to be no trouble there...

    what does the event viewer say about the install attempt?

    what is the software? i use Trendmicro's OfficeScan, and the users cannot run this program. only an admin can do the install, users can only update an existing install, frig sample.

    pull the app down from the share and run it locally. is that possible? if so, try to include the file in a logon script and run it locally. set an "if xxx, then yyy, else if next" kind thing.

    another option, is create the share in a new locations using the "manage your server" applet to create a share and try to run it from there. any difference that way?

    could it be the data stream identifier? removing the data stream makes the server think the file didnt come from another source. you can copy the files to a FAT partition and then back to remove the data streams. there are other apps that can do this via command line, like Streams. as far as GPO, you can try the following to remove the zone information on the files in vista and XP:
    Open a cmd window.
    Goto: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager
    Enable: Do not preserve zone information in file attachments.

    hope something here helps.

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      Re: File opening restrictions on network drive

      First of all,thank you very much James for spending your time to help me out.I learned new things from your suggestions also.To make it clear,I didn't have any problem with permissions on the network drive as I'm using an account that has full control on the share.The problem is windows not allowing any exe,zip or any other files that it thinks as a threat(virus,malware) to be run from the network drive.When I copy the exe to local drive,i can run the exe file after I unblock it from the file property.I need to run it from the network drive and not from local drive as it is an application that is used by many users.The errors given by the system are:

      zip files : Your current security settings do not allow this action
      exe files: windows cannot access the specified device,path or file.You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

      I found the solution to this problem from other sources.The problem is related to IE7 settings within win2k3 R2.The security setting for running exe and other potential unsafe files is located under IE7 internet options-security-internet zone-custom level-miscellaneous-launching application and unsafe files-choose either enable or prompt.Then I could run the exe from the network drive.

      It's strange that it treats network drive as something from the internet,even it's from the local subnet.

      Others suggest to put the file:\\servername under local intranet zone but that doesn't work for me.

      Anyway,it's ok now.Thanks to everyone for trying to help.
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        Re: File opening restrictions on network drive

        For me uninstalling Internet Explorere Enhanced Security configuration under add/remove programs then Windows componets fixed this issue for me.