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Adding second processor

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  • Adding second processor

    What changes should i make in Windows 2003 if Im adding a second processor to my system? Im confused about the HAL changes

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    Re: Adding second processor

    Sometimes nothing. Most systems run duel/quad cores nowadays and the correct hal.dll is already loaded.

    If not you'll need to boot into recovery console, rename the current hal.dll (hall.dll.bak) and copy over the correct hal.dll.

    If you have machines that are running with a 2nd cpu compare the hal.dll properties to the hall.dll on the machine you're looking to upgrade


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      Re: Adding second processor

      As said, you may already have the multiprocessor HAL installed. Put in the CPU and check!
      If not, this is probably a better alternative to the recovery console.

      To change the HAL installed on your system:

      Open Device Manager. Under the Computer node, you'll find one of the following:

      Standard PC
      MPS Uniprocessor PC
      MPS Multiprocessor PC
      Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC
      ACPI Uniprocessor PC
      ACPI Multiprocessor PC


      The first three HALs are used on non-ACPI compliant hardware, the last three are for ACPI compliant machines. You'll have to figure out which one yours is and which one you need to use. It shouldn't be that hard; in your case, you'll either have the Multiprocessor HAL already installed and you won't have to change anything. Or, you might have the Uniprocessor HAL and have to change to the Multiprocessor. To do so, select the HAL and click Update Driver. Choose to Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and then choose Don't search. I will choose a driver to install. Ensure the Show compatible hardware checkbox is marked and then select your desired HAL.

      Big fat warning here: MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL ONLY A HAL DRIVER DESIGNED FOR YOUR HARDWARE!!! If you choose the wrong type, your machine WILL BE unbootable and you'll probably have to reinstall Windows.

      Edit: Read this MSKB article for info on the different types of HAL drivers and how to change them. According to the article, you are fully able to simply install the CPU and Windows will detect it and automatically change the HAL as required. This is what I suggest
      Read the rest of the thread for more possible background
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