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Actually getting 'view workgroup computers' to work

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  • Actually getting 'view workgroup computers' to work

    I have been trying to solve this problem for a long time...

    A little background: I have been fooling around with windows computers my whole life, and I know that getting windows networking (on xp) to work is like solving world hunger (its close to impossible! ). I have made sure all of the settings are correct in windows, (file and printer sharing is enabled, no firewalls, etc.) the computers are configured correctly on the the network (they can all ping each other and access the internet), yet whenever I try to 'view network computers', I either get nothing, or an error saying that I might not have access.

    (BTW I am not running any kind of AD, its just a standard WORKGROUP)

    I have been reading online lately about the Computer Browser service and its registry keys (IsDomainMaster and MaintainServerList), although I can't find a solid explaination about this service.

    Does anyone here know how to configure the service or its registry keys so that I will be able to 'view network computers' and have it actually work?

    And further more, how do I designate which computer MaintainsServerList or IsDomainMaster?

    Any additional comments on the topic of the browser service would be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Re: Actually getting 'view workgroup computers' to work

    i understand what you mean i have had the same issues before.

    I believe it has something to do with the security option under the local security policy called 'network access: sharing and security model for local accounts' should be set to classic, and it also helps to not have the same usernames on both PCs, if its a non AD environment.

    my 3 cents (im from australia so my dollar earns more REAL dollars now).....