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RIS and firewall on Client Machine

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  • RIS and firewall on Client Machine

    We use RIS to install our security package (eTrust) What ports on the windows firewall need to be open to install on the client machines?

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    Re: RIS and firewall on Client Machine

    from the m$ website on XPSP2 firewall configuration, i found this little tidbit that looks to be what youre looking for...

    eTrust 6.0.100
    Computer Associates
    File and Printer Sharing ports and ICMP echo request and port TCP 42510
    See the third-party documentation
    Needed to remote install to Windows XP SP2

    hijacked from "Windows Firewall may block some programs from communicating over the Internet after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2"

    i dont know your version, but from what i have googled, these ports are required for most of the CA eTrust versions. my advice is to check the vendor for documentation (which i know is there, but again the version is needed to be specific) and go from there.

    you may also find the following article usefull in your adventure with CA eTrust:
    "Installation failed: Access is denied" error message when you try to perform a remote installation of Computer Associates eTrust Antivirus 7.0 client software on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2

    i can only guess at what is going to help you out, because you have failed to provide us with version numbers or platforms on which it is being deployed to and from.

    if you have any trouble, post back with the information requested and we can expedite this issue accordingly.
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