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NTbackup not running on schedule

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  • NTbackup not running on schedule

    I'm running ntbackup on server2003 R2 to back up a volume on an old Netware server to a file on the Microsoft server.

    On March 1st the backup failed to run on schedule; ntbackup created a blank report for the job, but no event was logged in the application event viewer as would normally be expected, leaving me with no clues.

    I deleted the job and reconfigured it but the above scenario is repeating itself. This morning I re-scheduled the job to run in two minutes, and whilst logged on to the server the job started, and is now running as normal. The problem is when nobody is logged on to the server.

    The job is configured to wake the computer to run on schedule, and the "Run only if logged on" flag is not set.

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    Re: NTbackup not running on schedule


    have you mapped netware volume, as per my understanding whenever you logof from system that netware drive is losing from win2k3 box,,

    create batch file for netware drive mapping before backup starts & check.



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      Re: NTbackup not running on schedule

      The Novell volume is mapped to the drive specified in the backup job to reconnect on log-on.

      Also this problem started on the first of the month to a job which had been running reliably every day since it was created.


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        Re: NTbackup not running on schedule

        what credentials is NTbackup running under? It's pretty sensitive to that.

        also, just to test, how about trying a simple zip or rar scripted backup, with the stdout written to a log file?
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          Re: NTbackup not running on schedule

          Has anything happened to the Netware account the backup job was running under? (Expired, deleted, moved, renamed, login time frame changed, lost rights to files/folders, password expired/changed, grace logins exceeded?)

          You tested your account and it worked? Can you test the backup service account the same way? (Log on to the server too?)

          How old is old? Did the server have a 29th of February this year?
          I haven't heard of their being a problem this way but you never know.
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