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How to manage my server remotely.

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  • How to manage my server remotely.

    Hi Guys,

    This is what i want to do I want to manage our server remotely. For example i am in my office and servers are in the data center but still in the same building. I want to view event logs of My DC/AD of file server. Or unlock user accounts. I know there is a way to do that. I just dont know how.Do i have to install something in my computer located in my office? Please help... Thank you so much..
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    Re: How to manage my server remotely.

    First, enable Remote Desktop on the DC. The easiest way is right click on my computer and go to the remote tab. Check the Enable Remote Desktop checkbox there.

    Then figure out the ip of the DC ('ipconfig' in command prompt).

    Then, connect to that ip using 'remote desktop Connection'found on any windows computer.

    Hope that works for ya'


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      Re: How to manage my server remotely.

      simplest way RD. Lot more options with DameWare ($).
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