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Configuring Routing in Win2K3 Server

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  • Configuring Routing in Win2K3 Server

    Hello All,

    I have a lot of software and PC and server knowledge, but networking is my weak point. I have a Win2K3 server as domain controller, without DNS being active, as I rely entirely on the ISP's DNS through my RV016 router. I have two cable modems, and my objective is to have one specific PC have it's internet traffic go through the lower speed provisioned cable modem, while everything else goes through the higher speed provisioned cable modem. The objective of the two cable modems is to have a 2nd IP address at a reasonable cost. The cable modems attach to the RV016 on WAN1 and WAN2 - the higher speed to WAN1. The RV016 has VLAN capability, and the only ports on VLAN2 are the 2nd server NIC, a 2nd NIC on the primary PC, and the NIC on the PC that needs that 2nd cable modem. All remaining ports are on VLAN1. The router firmware version is 2.0.18. The Linksys documentation doesn't even cover VLAN capability, but I spoke with their tech support, and they recommended using routing through the server to connect the two VLAN's. I can NET USE from the primary PC to the one that needs the 2nd cable modem (hereafter known as the "secondary PC") as long as I have a connection to VLAN2 from the primary PC, but I can't Remote Desktop to it. If I eliminate that connection, the NET USE drops. I've turned on routing on the server, and added filters that I hope are appropriate, but I don't know for sure what I've accomplished, as there should be no need for a 2nd connection from the primary PC if the routing would work the way I want it to.

    Anyone with any info please help. It's getting tiresome to switch the network printer to the other VLAN whenever that PC needs to print, and to hook up the 2nd cable from the primary whenever I need the NET USE to work. I have to disco it to restore normal internet operation, and that may mean having to restart IE.

    I to anyone with the requisite knowledge to help me set up routing correctly. By the way, the servers two NICs are static IPs, and everything else except the printer uses a DHCP address from the router. All IP addresses are within the same subnet. I can make a long distance call in the USA if someone wishes to PM a number to call, if that will facilitate understanding or speed up the process. I can also provide a number via PM. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

    (aka sgmunson)

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    Re: Configuring Routing in Win2K3 Server

    You cannot expect an AD domain to work with your ISP's DNS - local DNS is REQUIRED for AD.

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      Re: Configuring Routing in Win2K3 Server

      When I was first introduced to Active Directory I made the same mistake. Think of the Windows DNS as a newer version of WINS.

      I can't really help you with your main question but you should fix your DNS configuration. When you have everyone pointing to the DNS server running on your LAN you can configure that server to forward to your ISP's DNS.
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