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Roaming Profile/TS Issue

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  • Roaming Profile/TS Issue

    We're running W2K3 with AD and have moved (with the help of the folks here) all but 2 of our users to Roaming Profiles. I haven't moved the last 2 users because I've seen so many postings of people having problems with their Roaming Profile becoming corrupted when they use a Terminal Server login as well. My last 2 users need TS logins: one to run the accounting program from home -- which requires TS, one to do Admin functions if I am not available. My question is, can someone with a Roaming Profile use a TS login without corrupting his profile? For example, could I just put the same profile path info on the users AD profile tab (for the roaming profile) and on the TS tab?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Re: Roaming Profile/TS Issue

    You have two sorts of profiles
    1) a regular profile
    2) a terminal service profile

    A regular Profile is used by the clients, and is copied iver to the client when made roaming. A TS profile is only created on the server that provides TS services. It is best to keep both profiles sepperated.

    It is adviced to use roaming terminal services profile if you use more than one TS or Citrix server. This ensures that personal settings are consistant throughout the ts farm. Corruption ts profile can occur when profiles are badly closed when logging or diconnecting from the TS server. A way to ensure profiles from being properly closed is to use UPHclean from Microsoft. Its free to download, and you can find it here:
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      Re: Roaming Profile/TS Issue

      Thanks for the input. I'll download and install the UPHclean tool. We only have one server so we don't have any TS synchronization issues, thankfully.

      I understand about there being 2 distinct profiles, the TS profile and roaming profile. Is it possible for someone who has a Roaming Profile to use TS without causing corruptions in his/her Roaming Profile or does the user have to maintain a separate login/password when using TS?



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        Re: Roaming Profile/TS Issue

        One other I have been playing with is giving the users a separate TS login/password to use when they RDC into the server. Is that the best solution? If so, we are running the Per User licenses, not the Per Device licenses, on the License Server. Will changing a users login cost me a license subscription?